Saturday, August 24, 2013

How to Beat the Banks, Credit Bureaus and Collection Agencies: Advanced Techniques

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A DIRTY LITTLE SECRET on the part of the credit bureaus was documented in a recent report by The New York Times: the reporting agencies maintain a two-tiered system, one for VIPs such as celebrities and politicians, who receive special "concierge" treatment, in stark contrast with that massive, immovable "brick wall" that everyone else runs into.

If you've ever been given the runaround or stonewalled by a bank or credit bureau, you know that maddening, desperate, infuriating feeling of being up against an uncaring corporate giant that abuses its tremendous power, walking all over people with impunity because it knows it can get away with it.

Most people accept the fact that they are second-class citizens in the eyes of the corporate bullies and simply give up. But former credit counselor and consumer advocate Dan Berman has uncovered five powerful, no-cost approaches for leveling the playing field, to set the scene for going up against and actually beating Goliath.

This knowledge can serve as your personal "equalizer," to give you access to the same quality of service as that which is all too often provided only to the privileged elite. Each of the five sections includes a clear description of the strategy, examples and specific contact information or guidelines, making it easy to explore the next step, with pros and cons of various approaches discussed. Most of these strategies apply not just to banks, credit bureaus and collection agencies but corporate bullies of all stripes. For order information, click here.