Saturday, August 24, 2013

How to Save Money & Make Extra Money: 111 Proven Techniques

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BUSY PEOPLE who don't want to spend time wading through folksy stories and inspirational messages, on the way to getting out of debt and improving their financial situations, will love this book.

The text begins with a simple three-word "secret" at the core of the solution to getting out of debt and living debt-free thereafter. This is followed by approximately 50 tips for generating extra income and then 50-plus for saving money.

The approach is not one of deprivation but rather intelligently and creatively taking advantage of various opportunities to spend less and earn more.

The author shows how he uses the techniques in part two to save more than $10,000 annually and makes his living entirely off of the methods in part one.

Of course you're not expected to implement even the majority of the ideas but rather just choose from the select few that seem the best fit for your individual interests and circumstances. The two parts when used in combination should result in a pronounced acceleration in achieving your financial goals. For order information, click here.